Feel the burnout

This will be short. Burnout is disrespectful. It pops up when you least have the time to explode into a million pieces. You have plans that need executing, you just got that light bulb moment you were looking for. Now you are sat at your desk, pencils sharpened and ready to draw, write, scribble and just make magic then boom! Blank again. Earlier this year I wrote about getting through situations even when they are difficult. I think I spoke too soon about getting past the writer’s block. Following that, 2021 seems to have become what I thought 2020 was going to be: there has been loss, directly and indirectly, the ground has become more unstable and the hope that had carried me into the first couple of months has worn off considerably.

Emotional intelligence (the book and some classes) has taught me to retreat when I feel unbalanced. Many a time, you are battling something more than what you see. I got an epiphany watching a Tiktok by some ladies making fun of me. Yes, I am still on Tiktok- when you find the right Toks to follow, it can get a little addictive. Yes, they were making fun of me- it was a quick skit with these two ladies acting out a museum tour saying “Here we have a worker suffering from burnout after going through their lengthy To-do list and ending up scrolling through Tiktok for the last half hour.” Needless to say, that was a good point to log out of the app. At least for the moment.

Be bold, be bold, but not so bold that your heart’s blood should run cold.

Old English Fairytale

So I googled burn out and the first link on search is the contact us page for a suicide helpline. Okay, that escalated a bit fast. I mean I like my life, it’s in a fairly good place, I just want to be satisfied with my productivity but the never-ending to-do list is not contributing to motivation levels. But here’s an article that is way more helpful than going to straight to questioning whether you are on the ledge or not “10 signs you are burning out and what to do about it”.

I have been writing this particular article for four months, in the meantime thinking up other article and if you look really closely you will see two other pieces that are relatively new. I think I do still have it, I popped open my Ted Talks App and it feels like being reacquainted with an old friend, I have lined up a few more titles and even a couple more books so we are going to beat this slump. What better title to call you out than Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Let’s see how that will go. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Feel the burnout”

  1. Oh! Think & Grow Rich…a great recommendation and a well timed article! So many are so psyched to get going after 2020, then 2021 comes with its own dramas…(aargh!)
    Often we know we are ‘burning’ but can’t help feeling the need to keep going. Like an over-trained athlete you want to turn up in 6th gear every time…then you hit the wall!!
    We forget, the body & mind grows strongest when at rest. Time-out to embrace T&GR will strengthen the mind, and then….boom! you come back and smash it!!
    Thank you for this timely reminder… let’s embrace the burn, give ourselves a break, then come back like ninjas!😎

  2. Great piece Becky! It is a ‘breathe of fresh air’ kind of article with a humorous, soft landing.
    Here’s to re-learning the art of resting and relaxing.
    You are an amazing writer. 👏🏾👏🏾

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