The Lure of What-If

I am a fan of Korean dramas. They are the best; the content is mostly PG, it makes Asian culture especially food look so cool, their scenery makes

Plugging into My Inner Vitruvian Worker

Last week I had an awesome session at the Meltwater Digital Summit talking on the intersection between PR and Marketing. We talked on the effect of

The State of the Mind

Mental health has been a buzzword of late and not just because of COVID-19. I heard an interview on a radio show with an advertising executive,

Free Lunches and the Tower of Babel.

If you are in consulting work, you have heard the phrase “I don’t have a big budget” or “give me a good price”. I often

Looking for my Legacy

I came across the story of Le Sagrada Familia twice in the last two months and it has thoroughly fascinated me. You can listen to it in detail here

Fear of What’s Next

I am on TikTok. Okay, not really. I got the app to find out what all the hype was about and I am disappointed that I still have no idea what to do