Managing the Home Team

I’m counting down the last of my maternity leave days. I wonder if it would have been easier if I had six months’ leave. Or even a year.

My New Identity- Mother

My shtick is writing about work and leadership. However, everything I write will only be from my perspective which is informed by my identity. Now, I

What we leave behind

Grief is very hard to estimate; its effects when it comes up and if we ever really get past it. I had drafted this post after the passing of two very

how to make the right decision

How to make the right decision

My favourite human interest podcast 99 Percent Invisible did a crossover episode called cautionary tales. They talk about how in an effort to make

Feel the burnout

This will be short. Burnout is disrespectful. It pops up when you least have the time to explode into a million pieces. You have plans that need

Leading Like a Woman

My first read of the year has been a sign that this year I would be a lesson on women leaders- Not for Turning, a Margaret Thatcher biography. I was