Be Personal

 I am a proud millennial, not the entitled stereotype title that we have since won against but the mentally healthy progressive type. I went through quarter life crisis, I work in a different field from what I studied in school, I have worked in a warehouse in industrial area, in start ups, established agencies and now I can add corporate to that amazing list.

In this unconventional journey I’ve been on, I have done a few personal development and branding courses that have shaped me to be a happier and mentally healthier person. This blog is about that journey.

I have also met along the way, people who wanted more, or needed a sounding board to figure out what they want out of this rat race of ticking boxes and “doing what you are supposed to do”. This blog was inspired by these amazing people.

I love books. It took me a while to put down my fiction titles that I used to escape reality and pick up books with substance that helped me face my monsters. This blog shares those books and lessons with you.

I have met a few people who needed some help to craft their life journey and what they wanted to do next. I love to serve and I thought why not earn from it? So I do personal social media management, CV writing and design and generally, cheer you on to just enjoy yourself. This blog is also me practising what I have preached and putting myself out there.

The blog is good and ready to go. I try to post every week but I might skip one or two because, well, day job. But I keep writing. BE Personal is also up but I will share more about it as my portfolio grows so watch this space. Meanwhile, you can email me if you are interested in working with me or just follow me on social if you like what I write.